Chris Jones

Researcher and journalist based in London

Politico Europe: Brussels considers pan-EU police searches of ID photos

Ready for your closeup? Your face could soon be included in police databases searchable by law enforcement across the European Union. The Council of the EU has been advised to include photos of the Continent’s residents in a network of databases that could be searched by police using facial... Read more

The Intercept: Leaked reports show EU police are planning a pan-European network of facial recognition databases

A police investigator in Spain is trying to solve a crime, but she only has an image of a suspect’s face, caught by a nearby security camera. European police have long had access to fingerprint and DNA databases throughout the 27 countries of the European Union and, in certain cases, the United... Read more

Politico Europe: EU on the verge of approving giant biometric database for migrants

The European Union is about to become a lot safer — at least on paper. Lawmakers are set to approve plans for an enormous new database that will collect biometric data on almost all non-EU citizens in Europe’s visa-free Schengen area. The database — merging previously separate systems tracking... Read more