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UK: Expansion of the national DNA database accelerates

"The number of DNA profile records held in the UK's National DNA Database (NDNAD) increased by over 172,000 in the year up to March 2018, the biggest annual increase since over a million records were deleted from the system following the entry into force of the Protection of Freedoms Act.

As of March 2018 the NDNAD contained 6,196,278 subject profile records (which are derived from individual DNA samples), an increase of 2.86% on the total at March 2017.

This follows an increase of 2.79% between March 2016 and March 2017 and increases in the two preceding years of 1.63% (to March 2016) and 0.88% (to March 2015)."

Expansion of the national DNA database accelerates (Statewatch, 14 February 2019)

Photo: Anders Sandberg, CC BY 2.0

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