Chris Jones

Journalist, researcher, editor and occasional translator based in London.

New police cooperation plan includes surveillance, intelligence-gathering and remote vehicle stopping technology

"European police forces have agreed a six year plan for cooperation on technology and for the next two years will focus on projects examining Automatic Number Plate Recognition, open source and signals intelligence, video surveillance and the remote stopping of vehicles." New police cooperation... Read more

Secrets and lies: undercover police operations raise more questions than answers

British police officers undercover in protest movements have been shown to have regularly operated outside the UK. Activists, lawyers and MPs have all called for an independent public inquiry in order to reveal the full extent of the practice. Secrets and lies: undercover police operations raise... Read more

Secrecy reigns at the EU's intelligence analysis centre

"The EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN) is the most recent name for an institution that has existed in a number of forms since 1999. It monitors events both inside and outside the EU in order to provide “intelligence analyses, early warning and situational awareness” to EU institutions and... Read more

Northern Ireland: MI5's control over national security issues means covert operations are run by a "parallel police force"

"Covert policing operations in Northern Ireland are effectively run by a 'parallel police force' dominated by MI5 that is answerable to government ministers in London rather than domestic officials, according to a new report by the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ). The report, The... Read more

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