Chris Jones

Journalist, researcher, editor and occasional translator based in London.

Hindering humanitarianism: European Commission will not ensure protection for those aiding sans-papiers

"A new European Commission evaluation of EU laws on migrant smuggling concludes there is a need to improve the situation around "the perceived risk of criminalisation of humanitarian assistance" to “irregular” migrants . The Commission argues that the answer to the problem is "effective... Read more

Two arrested and charged with "facilitating illegal immigration" for refugee transport effort denouncing EU policies

"Two political activists from the Basque Country have been detained in Greece and charged with 'facilitating illegal immigration' after attempting to transport eight refugees out of the country, in an 'initiative of solidarity in denunciation of unjust European migration policies and in defence of... Read more

Palermo: markets, migrants and anti-mafia music

This article was written for an occasional blog I keep. Sicily is probably best-known to foreigners as the land of pizza and mafia, and there's a reason why: the pizza is delicious and the mafia remain an everday fact of life, one way or another, for pretty much the entire population of the island.... Read more

Squeezed by the spooks: attempt to recruit activist as informant caught on tape

"A series of recordings captured earlier this year in Barcelona have exposed an attempt by two men claiming to work for "state security" to recruit a political activist as an informant. Their target, Quim Gimeno, has filed an official complaint against the "modus operandi of the Cuerpo Nacional de... Read more

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