Chris Jones

Journalist, researcher, editor and occasional translator based in London.

New criminal records database for non-EU nationals is "disproportionate and discriminatory"

"A new EU database for holding information on convicted non-EU nationals is "disproportionate and discriminatory", says an analysis (pdf) published today by Statewatch. The European Criminal Records Information System for Third-Country Nationals (ECRIS-TCN) will allow Member States to search for... Read more

Visa Information System: child fingerprinting and police access proposals criticised by data protection authorities

"European data protection authorities have strongly criticised the European Commission's proposals to extend the Visa Information System (VIS), arguing that the lowering of the fingerprinting age for children, access to visa data by law enforcement authorities and the storage of long-stay visas and... Read more

Commission promises transparency for all groups influencing EU policy

"The European Commission has agreed to publish documents on the work of a high-level group that shaped the EU's military research programme and has said that any future such groups should be subject to the same transparency rules as other Commission-appointed expert bodies. In September 2018,... Read more

NGOs, EU and international agencies sound the alarm over Frontex's respect for fundamental rights

"The Frontex Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights has expressed "serious concerns about the effectiveness of Frontex's serious incident reporting mechanism," saying that it should be revised and that the border agency must "take additional measures to set up an effective system to monitor... Read more

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